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Auto Recon Pros, Inc. provides expert wheel repair, reconditioning and sales. We can fix bent, cracked, corroded, blemished and curb rashed rims. Our kwick drying silver paint can restore the finish and protect your rim guarding against further corrosion. A rim guarded by our Quick silver paint refinishing / drying coating will maintain its luster. Call us at 919-828-2223 for an estimate.

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Get a Wheel Repaired

Make sure that your next replacement, upgrade or rim repair is serviced by an ACU-TRU® Authorized Dealer. Wheel repair services are offered on most bent wheels saving time and lots of money. If the wheel is unrepairable, buy an ACU-TRU® Certified wheel at 40%-80% of what the dealer charges.


Raleigh Rim Repair, an Authorized ACU-TRU® Rim & Wheel Repair Dealer - Rim Guard Wheel & Rim Repairs and Refinishing

Why does an automobile wheel bend and crack? What type of wheel repairs are available?

Rim repair and wheel repair services are available in Raleigh, NC at Auto Recon Pros, Inc. Rim and Wheel damage can be the result of many factors. At Raleigh Rim Repair we have found that the most common reason for a bent wheel is damage from rolling over a pot hole or hitting a curb. The pressure from the edge of the pot hole or curb is concentrated to a small area of the wheel and tire to the point where the force or pressure exceeds the yield strength of the aluminum wheel, the result is a bend in the wheel and or a crack.

Road salt, sand and ice melt used by Cities to control ice on our roads and bridges can cause steel wheels, and aluminum alloy wheels to develop corrosion or leaking beat seats. Chrome wheels seem to corrode and leak more than non chromed wheels as the chrome separates from the aluminum and allows moisture to remain against the alloy rim.

Leaking wheel rims should be corrected immediately to prevent the need for bent aluminum wheel repairs. The cracking of an aluminum alloy rim is often the result of a leaking wheel that has been run low on air. Run flat syndrome, or low air condition is at the core of most wheel problems. Raleigh Rim Repair has pioneered the process to safely repair rims and wheels with corroded bead seats.

When wheels corrode and leaking bead seats (the outer rim flange area of a wheel), are left untreated a weakening of the safety seal can occur resulting in a catastrophic failure of the tire commonly referred to as a blowout. A Blow out of the tire will usually result in a bent or broken wheel. Raleigh Rim Repair can Straighten, and Tru a wheel, then machine away the corrosion. Our process includes the application of a corrosive resistant Stainless Steel Paint to protect the wheel from the elements and prevent and future leaks from occurring.

When a tire is operated low on air it is not able to absorb the normal road energy as engineered, this usually results in a wheel having to repeatedly do the work of the tire until the wheel becomes fatigued, broken, or cracked. Proper inflation and monthly air pressure monitoring is key to preventing steel, aluminum, or alloy wheel damage. Maintaining the proper air pressure will help to ensure you a smooth and safe ride.

Refer to your vehicles owners manual for the correct air pressure. Most automobiles will also list the suggested tire pressure in the drivers door jam area.


Wheel repair in Raleigh NC is now easier than before with the expansion of our wheel repair facility located just 15 minutes from RTP and Durham NC. Most rim and wheel repairs can be performed while you wait. Cracked and bent rim repair and wheel crack welding can require approx 8 hours to provide a safe and proper wheel restoration.

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We are now offering the industries' quickest and easiest way to get an accurate wheel or rim repair estimate. Simply text "RRR" to 41411 and wait for instructions.

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